Fish symbol for Christian’s web

A fish symbol on a Christian’s website? You might have already seen a fish symbol at the back of a car. It says: This car drives a Christian. This car belongs to a Christian. Whenever I can see the fish symbol at a car, I like it. This way I know the one driving in the car is of the same believe like me. The symbol is neither intrusive nor provocative. It has some meaning to the informed ones only. It is nice :-). The fish symbol was been already used by the first Christians.

Fish not only on cars, but also on the web

I would like to indicate something similar on my website. This is the website which belongs to a Christian. And I would like to know what other websites belong to Christians. That’s why I have created the

Join with your website

You are welcome to join. You can add a simple fish logo on your website, for instance in the website footer (example). The fish symbol you can add to the page as an image with a link to the web There is an explanation of the symbol meaning. You can also leave the image without a link, to make it understandable for informed ones only.

I am looking forward to see fish symbols on the websites while surfing on Internet. It tells me there are Christians involved :-).

Christian fish symbols

Feel free to modify or add the fish images to you web. There no conditions or fees. The images are in the png format (width 200px), source files are in the svg format. In order to save the image on the disk click the right mouse button and choose Save image as. You can also add HTML code to your web. In order to save an image source click with the right mouse button on the SVG link and choose Save link as.

Fish symbol:With link:Without link:Source:

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