Support christian fish symbol

If you like my idea of a fish symbol on the web, you can support it by:
  1. Add fish image with the link to your web
  2. Send a fish image to your friends and let them know
    about this website
  3. Draw a new fish, I am going to publish it here
  4. Mention the fish symbol on Christian web sites on your blog
  5. Help to translate this website to other languages
    • Here you can download a file (for correct display set the browser code page to UTF-8),where you can find texts to be translated. There are not so many of them – about 700 words. Please translate the text between the quotes ' ', characters and words between the brackets < > and with the suffix $ please do not translate. Send me the translated file to my e-mail . I am going to publish your translated pages on the web site. Thank you :-).